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                                   Steffen Brothers Glass Fly Rods

Lucky for me, and all of you fly fishers out there, I now have access to all of the currently made glass rod blanks that carry the Steffen Brothers name. These blanks are true to the original design details that became well known in the fly fishing world starting back in 1980 when Mark & Tim Steffen began designing and building their fly rods.  Still the original chestnut brown blank color in the S2 glass material with spigot ferrules that build up into a great casting fly rod. A smooth progressive action.


I currently have four of these rods on the bench with one 8045 and one 8056 to be complete by July 20th. All rods I have are 8'0" 3pc in 3/4;  4/5;  & 5/6 line weights. Aluminum tube and bags included

Thr rod shown was a custom build.  To view more images of his rod, click on the picture above.


Welcome to Sweetwater Fly Rods  


Have it built YOUR way...!!

Please call me at 540.691.6290 or e-mail if you need additional information or a price quote for your custom fly rod.
LOGO-Steffen Bro-for WIX.png
COTE, Joe-Steffen8045-24527--01.jpg

One of the classic Steffen Brothers glass fly rod designs

Steffen 8045  8'0" 4/5 wt  -  #24527

This was a custom build for a gent near Boston, MA that

already had several original Steffen rods in his arsenal.

But he didn't have this line weight!

I am currently working on four more Steffen rods so check

out the Blanks Available tab for more details.

Click on the image to see more images


Below is a collection of CUSTOM BUILDS and previously sold rods from the SHOP

Select specs button to see more images


Currently in the Fly Shop

McFarland "Dirty Martini"  6'9" 3wt  -  #24520

Click on the image to see more images

DARK Martini-794--24518--03.jpg

Currently in the Fly Shop

McFarland "DARK Martini"  7'9" 4wt  -  #24518

Click on the image to see more images

Thanks for stopping by!

CTS graphite Affinity-X  8'6" 4wt 4pc - #24514

This rod was a custom build for a gentleman in Champaign, IL

It has a Satin Green finish - Dark Nickel hardware and guides - Oak Burl wood seat insert and wrapped in a dark green.


Click on image to see larger views


LEONARDI-24514--CTS 8'6.4wt--4.jpg

One more of these CTS Satin Green blanks is

available for a custom build


The Mayfly Project is a 501(c)(3) national organization that uses fly fishing as a catalyst to mentor and support children in foster care. 

Visit The Mayfly Project site and join me in helping support this fine organization and the children.

"Everyone needs an escape. For me, my escape is fly fishing. During some of the most trying times of my adult life I have used a fly rod as a coping mechanism.

The river is a place where I can immerse myself in God’s creation and forget about everything but mending."


Jess Westbrook, Founder -The MayFly Project

Casting 4 recovery logo

The mission of Casting for Recovery is to enhance the lives of women with breast cancer by connecting them to each other and nature through the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.


Visit Casting for Recovery's site and join me in helping support this fine organization and it's mission.

Trout Unlimited site link


Trout Unlimited and help preserve our cold water fisheries.

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