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EPIC 690C Carbon Fly Rod - 9'0" 6wt--Blank design by EPIC Fly Rods of New Zealand.

This GRAPHITE rod is a 4pc EPIC 690C, 9'0" design in a 6wt line class. The reel seat is a Lemke LC-1, black anodized, Up-Locking

design with a piece of stabilized Spalted Alder wood in glossy finish. The 7" FLOR grade cork grip is of a Half-Wells design.

The stripping guide is a FUJI 16mm ceramic guide that compliments the Snake Brand chrome running guides.

The ceramic tip top matches the stripping guide.  The nylon wraps of PURPLE and metallic GUNMETAL trim rings are coated with multiple layers of epoxy for many years of protection.  Comes complete with a black Clear Creek powder coated aluminum rod tube and rod bag

This rod was previously sold to a gentleman in Virginia, but,  TWO (2) more of these blanks are available for your custom build!!


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Models Currently Just Completed


EPIC 888  8'8"  4pc  8 wt  Electric Blue

EPIC 686  8'6"  4pc  6wt  Electric Blue

EPIC 686  8'6"  4pc  6wt  Olive

EPIC 580  8'0"  4pc  5wt  Amber

At this time, July 16, 2021, the 4 rods

above are available for sale in the

Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop


EPIC 888   8'8" 8wt Fiberglass
EPIC 888-21515-FBRev.jpg
All of the rods and blanks listed as available will be
built to the quality level one would say is . . . .

"TOP SHELF"     ...   and as defined,
"Top-shelf things or people that are of a very high standard or quality."          Yep, that's what they are!!
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .and that is exactly what the customer expects!!

Top Shelf is as follows:

a.  The finest glass & carbon blanks - EPIC-Glass & Carbon, CTS-Glass & Carbon, McFarland Glass, Blue Halo Glass, SAGE Carbon, Rainshadow ETERNITY  - Saltwater Editions (carbon) 
b.  The finest reel seats - Lemke, Struble & ALPS all the way!
c.  Figured or burl wood inserts - all Stabilized
d.  True hand sorted FLOR grade cork from Portugal-sorted by me
e.  The best guides - Snake Brand Universal snakes, FUJI & ALPS stripping guides
f.  Wrapping threads-100% Japanese Silk for
fiberglass fly rods - Nylon for graphite
g.  Epoxy finish on all thread and decal areas

I do not have various levels of "builds" as others may have,        I have only one -
              the best it can be for the customer...! 


This EPIC 888 was recently sold as a custom build for a client who resides a few hours from my shop. The main purpose for it will be for freshwater stripers in the lakes & river systems near where he lives. Here are the specs for what he wanted:

      2" Fighting butt with cap - Anodized aluminum ALPS reel seat

      8" FLOR grade cork grip w/ composite cork  - A 4" section of genuine           Diamondback Rattlesnake skin just above the grip - FUJI stripping               guides at 16mm & 12mm with Snake Brand Universal chrome                     running guides - FUJI Chrome top with Silicone Carbide insert

       Supplied with a 2½" Black aluminum rod case with EPIC cloth bag

       Total rod weight as shown:   6.5 oz

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A similar rod is available for sale in the

Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop


NEW CTS Affinity-X Graphite Fly Rod   7'6"  6wt
A River Float Trip Work Horse
Call or write if you are interested.
SEE THIS ROD in the Fly Rod Shop listings for full details
price is listed at $595.00 USD
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This rod is the 4th rod in this line class and length I have built. Three in the metallic Green-Gold as shown and one in Jet Black for a client that has other CTS fly rods in the same black color scheme.

This is the last one for this year but more will be built in 2021

The rod shown is a copy of the prototype design that was initially built by special request from a client of many years

in my home state of Virginia.  A specialized design to be used for big river float fishing where a heavier line weight is needed but not the rod length of a "nine-footer".


Please browse through these pages and afterwards, send me a note describing what YOU would like to
have built as your next fishing companion - - -  
Then we will get started....!!!

Thanks for looking . . .  Charlie

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or any fishing rod for that matter. . . . . .

Please read these two articles by Tom Kirkman --"PREVENTING BROKEN RODS" and "ROD FAILURE".

Both articles are in one PDF file and can be down loaded as needed for future reference. Reading these articles will give the new owner, or even a well seasoned one, some good insight on what can happen to a rod blank to weaken it, why one breaks at the wrong time and a lot of info on how not to do the things that endanger the life of your new fly rod.....!