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The contact information boxes to the right can be used for general information but I would recommend using my e-mail address listed here to be copied and pasted into your e-mail service to send me an order. Especially if you have a lot of text and/or image attachments that need to be included. 

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However, if you wish to stop by the shop to look at rods or decals, please make an appointment so we can discuss a meeting time. 

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FLY RODS, REEL SEATS w/ WOOD INSERTS AND OTHER ITEMS LISTED ON THIS SITE ARE EACH HANDCRAFTED BY ME.   I do not resell any products that I don't create myself to ensure the highest quality control. The reel seat hardware for my fly rods is crafted by Joel Lemke. His "metal artwork" is like jewelry that adorns my fly rod creation.        Covington, VA