Updated June 7, 2021

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On this page you will find the models for the EPIC line of FASTGLAS II blanks, models by McFarland Rod Company, Blue Halo & CTS of New Zealand as well as some remaining St. Croix models of graphite blanks. These are the blanks I currently have in stock that can be custom built as requested.... ALWAYS check the "Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop" button to see what I have available for immediate purchase.

CALL OR E-MAIL TO RESERVE ANY OF THESE ROD BLANKS listed below on this page and I will return a quote promptly after we determine the design details.

See Fly Rod Purchase Tab for more details.

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EPIC Fiberglass Fast Glass II series blanks available

             2      686 OLIVE  8'6"  6wt  4pc         (1 Being Built)

             1      686 SALSA  8'6"  6wt  4pc

             3      686 AMBER  8'6"  6wt  4pc       (1 Being Built)

             1      686 Electric BLUE  8'6"  6wt  4pc (Being Built)

             4      580 AMBER  8'0"  5wt  4pc


             1      476 OLIVE  7'6"  4wt  4pc

             2      476 AMBER  7'6"  4wt  4pc

             1      476 SALSA  7'6"  4wt  4pc

           None of these rods are reserved at this time                            and all are available for sale

                1      BIG HONKIN' 8wt On site...!!

                        EPIC's 888 in Electric BLUE 

                    is being built now. . . . .Pics ASAP


EPIC Carbon - Fly Rod Models Available

TWO (2) EPIC Carbon 690C's -9' 6wt 4pc

are on site and ready to be built...!!!

These are not reserved so call or write if one is desired!

ONE (1) EPIC Carbon 590C is being built and is

not reserved - will post pics when completed


Available for immediate sale in the Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop


Affinity X series:  7'6"  6wt  4pc

Chameleon Green-Gold metalflake

Rod serial #20524

CTS Quartz 8'0" 5wt 4pc Fiberglass:

This is the natural translucent glass color

Rod serial #20513

EXTRA CTS Glass Blank Available

ONE (1)  CTS Quartz 8'0" 5wt 4pc - NATURAL GLASS


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McFarland Rod Company

Ameriglass Classic 3 piece models - Designed with a slower, yet highly refined taper and a traditional, deep flexing glass feel. Some 4 piece models are available in various lengths and line weights - write for more information


No McFarland blanks remain in stock - If you are interested in one of his excellent models, let me know the length, line weight and I will see if he has any and will return a quote promptly.      Thanks


St. Croix blank models currently in stock

All models are Burgundy SCIV-II  Fast Action

Below is a listing of Burgundy St. Croix BLANKS

ready to be built to YOUR specifications

NOTE: These Burgundy blanks are

no longer available from St. Croix.

Shown below is what I still have in stock.

Only ONE of EACH!

So, when these blanks are gone,

there will be no more..!!

42F663.2 - 6'6"  3wt  2pc

42F703 - 7'0"  3wt  4pc

42F764.4 - 7'6"  4wt  4pc

42F905.4  Fuschia MetalFlake  9'  5wt  4pc 

All Ameriglass blanks are designed by glass rod expert Mike McFarland and rolled in his shop in central Pennsylvania.  McFarland uses the most advanced glass composites with enhanced resin systems and offers the most comprehensive line of quality glass blanks available.  The hallmarks of Ameriglass blanks are quality, consistency, and straightness.  The fly blanks are available in several different models. From the deep flexing Classic to the quick shooting Big Game series there is an Ameriglass model perfect for any situation.


Ameriglass Classic Fly Blanks

The Classic models are designed with a slower, yet highly refined, taper and a traditional, deep flexing glass feel.  Classic blanks excel at true fishing distances and roll casting but will still make longer casts with ease.  Classic blanks offer high line feel and unmatched smoothness.   All Classic blanks are 3 piece and available in natural clear glass, yellow glass. 


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BLUE HALO FIBERGLASS - models and colors available

All are available-none RESERVED

7'6"  4wt  4pc - Retro-Flex 3 in Natural - See Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop