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Updated February 5, 2024

On this page you will find the models for the EPIC line of FASTGLAS II blanks, models by McFarland Rod Company and CTS of New Zealand. These are the blanks I currently have in stock that can be custom built as requested....

ALWAYS check the "Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop"

button to see what's available for immediate purchase.    


listed below and I will return a quote promptly after we determine the design details.

See Fly Rod Purchase Tab for more details.

Currently have  SEVEN (7) fly rods in progress

Starting on an EPIC 580 Amber and a 686 Amber to

fill voids from previous sales.


Also picked up a custom order from a gentleman in Northern Virginia.

A sweet EPIC 476 in Olive . . . .! - COMPLETED - Pics soon!

I'm going to be adding some affordable high-quality

graphite models too for those just starting into fly fishing or

maybe someone who just wants another rod that will be

used for a "back-up" or fill an empty slot in a rod cabinet!! 

One MATRIX 9' 4pc 6wt - Completed

One MATRIX 9' 4pc 5wt - Completed

One MATRIX 8½' 4pc 4wt

So many rods, so little time...!!  Gotta Love It..!

WELCOME to 2024


McFarland "Classic Glass" blanks available

(2)  6'9" 3wt 3pc "Dirty Martini"

(1)  7'9" 4wt 3pc  "Dirty Martini" - Completed

McFarland "Yellow Glass" is no longer available

TWO more GTX models are available

for Custom builds

(1)  8'6" 5wt 4pc Natural glass


(1)  8'6" 6wt 4pc Natural glass

These two GTX's are available for custom orders

EPIC Logo-210px


EPIC Fast Glass II series blanks

available for custom builds only.

                               888 El. BLUE  8'8" 8wt  4pc

                           686 OLIVE  8'6"  6wt  4pc

                           686 AMBER  8'6"  6wt  4pc


                           686 ARCTIC  8'6"  6wt  4pc

                           580 AMBER  8'0"  5wt  4pc

                           580 OLIVE  8'0"  5wt  4pc

                           476 AMBER  7'6"  4wt  4pc




CTS Logo-250px

CTS Blanks Available


------- Blanks below are now in stock -------

One (1) CTS "QUARTZ" glass each

Urban Green, gloss finish

8'0" 5wt 4pc  --  In PROGRESS

8'6"  6wt 4pc

Call or write for a proposal


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