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Updated May 24, 2024

On this page you will find the models for the EPIC line of FASTGLAS II blanks, models by McFarland Rod Company and CTS of New Zealand. These are the blanks I currently have in stock that can be custom built as requested....

ALWAYS check the "Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop"

button to see what's available for immediate purchase.    


listed below and I will return a quote promptly after we determine the design details.

See Fly Rod Purchase Tab for more details.

NEW!! - Steffen Brothers

Rod blanks have arrived at my shop . . . .

Available will be ALL 8'0" 3pc Uni S2 GLASS


Available Line weights will be:  3/4   4/5   5/6

One 8' 4/5 wt has been sold . . . .!


These blanks will be the same as the originals when Mark & Tim Steffen were at the helm.

"Classic Steffen Bros Uni S2" glass.

Light, progressive, and fast recovery due to their

proprietary uni-directional structural glass core.


Steffen Bros glass rods are known for there unique blend of power, to flex, with a very forgiving casting response for both first timers and expert anglers alike!" (Steffen Rods website")

EPIC Logo-210px


EPIC Fast Glass II series blanks

available for custom builds only.

                               888 El. BLUE  8'8" 8wt  4pc

                           686 OLIVE  8'6"  6wt  4pc

                           686 AMBER  8'6"  6wt  4pc


                           686 ARCTIC  8'6"  6wt  4pc

                           580 AMBER  8'0"  5wt  4pc

                           580 OLIVE  8'0"  5wt  4pc

                           476 AMBER  7'6"  4wt  4pc

                           476 OLIVE  7'6"  4wt  4pc





Two more

"Classic Glass" Dirty Martini

blanks are available for custom builds

7'9" 4wt  3pc

CTS Logo-250px

CTS Blanks Available


------- Blanks below are now in stock -------

One (1) CTS Affinity X  8'6" 4wt 4pc Graphite

Blank color is dark "Satin Green"

One (1) CTS "QUARTZ" glass

"Urban Green"

8'6"  6wt 4pc

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