MAREK- 42F9010 Saltwater
MAREK- 42F9010-Saltwater
SCHMIDT-Rod.1 42F9010
SCHMIDT-Rod.1 42F9010
BLUEWATER-5FS908.4 Belize Blue
SCHMIDT-Rod.3 5SF9010-Stripper
SCHMIDT-Rod.1 42F9010 Burgundy
SCHMIDT-Rod.3 5SF9010
SCHMIDT-Rod.1 42F9010
SCHMIDT-Rod.1 42F9010
YOUNG-13wt 8'3" 3pc Jet Black
YOUNG-13wt-REC HD Titanium Snake

This Gallery shows various Saltwater and Heavy Freshwater fly rods that were

built to the specifications

of the customer.

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FLY RODS, REEL SEATS w/ WOOD INSERTS AND OTHER ITEMS LISTED ON THIS SITE ARE EACH HANDCRAFTED BY ME.   I do not resell any products that I don't create myself to ensure the highest quality control. The reel seat hardware for my fly rods is crafted by Joel Lemke. His "metal artwork" is like jewelry that adorns my fly rod creation.        Covington, VA