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CMA-9'-BassBugger-Dragonscale Spiral
CHAPMAN-Spiral Metallic Thread.
HOWARD-Dragonscale Spiral.
CATLETT-Diamondback Rattlesnake..
MAREK-CTS Junglecock Feathers.
CMA-FLY-10' 6wt - Junglecock Feathers.
CMA-BlWtr 8wt Rattlesnake.
CLEMMONS-Dragonscale Spiral.
CMA-5wt-Copperhead Skin.
CHAPMAN-Rattlesnake & Decal.
BELLOWS-Diamondback Rattlesnake.

This gallery shows the variety of different decorative wraps that are available if one so desires.

These wraps were mostly for spinning and casting rods but some customers like the look of decorations on their fly rods too. Especially the heavier Freshwater & Saltwater models.

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