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McFarland-GTX 8'6'' 5wt-22505--8
McFarland-GTX 8'6'' 5wt-22505--2
McFarland-GTX 8'6'' 5wt-22505--11
McFarland GTX-22510.8'4wt--3
McFarland-GTX 8'6'' 5wt-22505--1
McFarland GTX-22510.8'4wt--2
McFarland GTX-22510.8'4wt--1
McFarland GTX-22510.8'4wt-1
McFarland Classic-22503-7'6 4wt--3
McFarland Classic-22504-8'6.5wt--4
McFarland Classic-22504-8'6.5wt--7
McFarland Classic-22504-8'6.5wt--3
McFarland Classic-22504-8'6.5wt--1
McFarland Classic-22503-7'6 4wt--2
EPIC-AMBER 686-21510--23
McFarland Classic-22503-7'6 4wt--1
EPIC-AMBER 686-21510--22
EPIC-AMBER 686-21510--12
EPIC-AMBER 686-21510--19
EPIC-580 Olive--20525--3
EPIC-580 Olive--20525--2
EPIC-580 Olive--20525--1
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--3
EPIC-476 Amber-22501--05
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--2
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--1
EPIC-476 Amber-22501--06
EPIC ''BANDIT'' 8'10wt--22513--4
EPIC-476 Amber-22501--03
EPIC-476 Amber-22501--04
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--08
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--20
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--04
EPIC ''BANDIT'' 8'10wt--22513--2
EPIC ''BANDIT'' 8'10wt--22513--1
EPIC ''BANDIT'' 8'10wt--22513--3
EPIC Amber 580..#20511--06
EPIC 888--21526--4
EPIC Amber 580..#20511--05
EPIC Amber 580..#20511--01
EPIC 888--21526--1
EPIC 888--21526--9
EPIC 888--21526--3
EPIC 686-OLIVE--21516---07
EPIC 686-OLIVE--21516---09
EPIC 686-OLIVE--21516---06
EPIC 686-OLIVE--21516---03
EPIC 686 Salsa-21520--4
EPIC 686 Salsa-21520--1
EPIC 686 Salsa-21520--3
EPIC 686 Salsa-21520--2
EPIC 686 BLUE-21506--2
EPIC 686 OLIVE-21508--3
EPIC 686 OLIVE-21508--1
EPIC 686 Olive-180506-3
EPIC 686 Olive-180506-1
EPIC 686 OLIVE-21508--2
EPIC 686 BLUE-21506--3
EPIC 686 Arctic-22514--03
EPIC 686 BLUE-21506--1
EPIC 686 Arctic-22514--07
EPIC 686 AMBER-22512---08
EPIC 686 AMBER-22512---04
EPIC 686 Arctic-22514--01
EPIC 686 AMBER-22512---06
EPIC 686 AMBER-22512---02
EPIC 686 AMBER-21507--3
EPIC 686 AMBER-22508--04
EPIC 686 AMBER-22508--08a
EPIC 686 AMBER-22508--02
EPIC 686 AMBER-21507--2
EPIC 686 AMBER-21507--1
EPIC 580-AMBER-21519-2
EPIC 580-AMBER-21519-3
EPIC 580 Olive-21501--06
EPIC 580 Olive-21501--05
EPIC 580-AMBER-21519-1
EPIC 580 Amber-20526-5
EPIC 580 Olive-21501--04
EPIC 580 Olive-21501--01
EPIC 580 Amber-20526-8
EPIC 476 SALSA--21502--3
EPIC 580 Amber-20526-3
EPIC 476 SALSA--21502--2
EPIC 476 SALSA--21502--1
EPIC 476 AMBER-22515--10
EPIC 476 AMBER-22515--7
EPIC 476 AMBER-22515--1
BlueHalo 20502-7'6.4wt--7
CTS 'Quartz' 865--22511--2
CTS 'Quartz' 865--22511--1
CTS 'Quartz' 865--22511--5
CTS 'Quartz' 865--22511--4

FIBERGLASS Fly Rod images showing EPIC, CTS and McFarland blanks

The listing of fiberglass models that are currently in stock can be found under the Blanks Available tab above


For fly rods currently available for immediate sale, showing pricing and build details,

please select the Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop button at the top of this page.

NOTE: Select the large images to see the individual rod specifications

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