Fiberglass Fly Rods have returned with a vengeance. . . . .

The EPIC line of "FastGlass" and now the "FastGlass II" blanks are one of the very few lines of fiberglass

blanks I have chosen to present on this site for customizing into fly rods of the highest quality.


MIke McFarland in PA has several designs that are in this same high quality class as the Epics and I have chosen to place his creations here too. Each built with the same excellent quality components that

you will find on the Sweetwater Graphite Edition rods with the exception of the thread work.....these

glass rods will be wrapped with 100% Japanese silk thread instead of nylon. Silk thread allows subtle,

translucent color or maybe show no color at all as when using white silk! 

The CTS "Quartz"  CRYSTALGLASS is coming in early 2020  -  In Natural/Clear

A listing of what models can be obtained in what colors can be found under the Rod Blanks Available list tab above

For a listing of what fly rods are currently available for immediate sale showing pricing and build details, please select the Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop button at the top of this page.

ALL FLY RODS, REEL SEATS w/ WOOD INSERTS AND OTHER ITEMS LISTED ON THIS SITE ARE EACH HANDCRAFTED BY ME.   I do not resell any products that I don't create myself to ensure the highest quality control. The reel seat hardware for my fly rods is crafted by Joel Lemke. His "metal artwork" is like jewelry that adorns my fly rod creation.        Covington, VA