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E-MAILS: (SweetwaterFlyRod@aol.com)    BEST WAY..!!

Please describe what you are looking for as best as possible and I will respond promptly. Please include your FIRST and LAST names, plus a phone number for contact purposes.

PHONE CALLS:  540.691.6290  (Cell-work & rod business)  Feel free to call and inquire about a custom fly rod that you are interested in. You can call anytime during the day, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm EST.  Or you can text me, which is probably better anyway, as I may be at work and in a meeting, in a noisy part of the plant, or elsewhere that I can't answer the phone.  On the weekends I am usually available too, so just give it a good 50/50 shot and we will be happy to get you fixed right up.

Since the items featured on this website are all basically customized for a specific customer, there is no "Shopping Cart" . . . .instead, the customer will get a personal one-on-one discussion with me dealing with what they are interested in purchasing. On occasions, there will be certain models that will be listed with a "Buy It Now" button that will have special pricing for the rod, no shipping charges, etc or just builds that are made available "as is" but still are covered under the warranty and all are new, unused and of the highest quality as if it were custom built for the customer.


If you call and wish to leave a message, pronounce your name clearly and please slow down when leaving your phone number . . . . Texting is good here too! - however, still tell me who you are and how I can help you.

PRICING: The SWEETWATER rod pricing is covered in the fliers you can download by selecting the tab below. In the description you can see what the design criteria is and the prices for the sizes & line weights listed.   The BLUEWATER Edition rods for saltwater also have good descriptions but no specific pricing. A basic price range is listed in the text but would need to be finalized prior to purchasing.

GRAPHITE Fly rods built on blanks from the major suppliers such as SAGE, ORVIS & WINSTON usually run close to the listed prices in the various catalogs - usually somewhat lower even with the customizing being done to them.  FIBERGLASS fly rods once I have a good supply will begin their pricing at approximately $500.00 to $600.00 US. These will have designs that are quite different from the graphite but still have the high quality components.  

UNIQUE and ONE-of-a-KIND rods: On occasion I will have various models of the Sweetwater Edition and other high quality fly rods built that will be for sale as built. Those would be available for immediate shipment.  Personalization, such as a name or quote, etc. can be applied to these for an additional #15.00 if so desired.  I will have a list of these at various times in the future.  

PLACE AN ORDER: - After all of the design details have been worked out and finalized, a 50% deposit of the total selling price will be required to secure your order. The deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE once work has begun or components that I did not have in stock have been ordered. These rods are personalized and custom built for the person requesting the rod and it may not be desired by someone else so purchase responsibly. 

SALES & USE TAX: Virginia residents will be assessed the 5.3% Sales & Use Tax on their purchases

Payment Options

PAYMENT METHODS:   VISA, MASTER CARD, PayPal, Postal Money Orders as well as Cashier's Check will be accepted methods for payment.  Personal checks and COD's are not payment options. (NOTE: Credit Card charges show up on your statements as: Tight Line CU---and a series of numbers. This was the name of my original site: Tight Line Custom Rods)    The credit card will be charged when I begin working on your order. 

PAYPAL Ordering: I will send a PayPal invoice with all of the purchasing details to the e-mail you used when you sent me the request - unless notified otherwise about another e-mail to be used.

POSTAL MONEY ORDERS and CASHIER'S CHECKS: Please have these methods of payment to "Pay to the order of:  Charles M. Armontrout at the address above and I will notify the customer when I have received the payments.

RETURNS: These rods are personalized and custom built for the person requesting the rod and it may not be desired by someone else so purchase responsibly as no returns will be accepted at any time unless I send you the wrong fly rod. 

DELIVERY of FINISHED ROD: Delivery of the completed rod can be from 4 to 8 weeks AFTER I have all of the components on site and ready to build.  I keep quite a few blanks but invariably someone will order one I do not have then its a guessing game on deliveries.  All components are in stock and I turn my own wood for the seat inserts so the only variable is the blanks.  Any issue that will have a major effect on the rod delivery will be conveyed to the customer.

CUSTOMER NOTIFICATIONS: The customer will be notified when work begins on their specific rod. Updates will be delivered at various times during the build. Within a week or two of the rod completion, the customer will be notified of a date that the rod will be ready for shipment and will then be asked to submit the final payment prior to that date so the shipment can take place in a timely manner.  If final payment is not received within 7 days of notification, another notice will be sent. After 5 days from the 2nd notification, I reserve the right to offer the rod or rods to other customers on the list, even if it has been personalized.


SHIPPING DATES: I will package and ship completed rods after FINAL payment has been received in as little time as possible. After a rod is built, epoxied and has a final inspection, I hold it for an additional 3-4 days prior to shipment due to the curing time for the epoxy. This additional time on my part will be included in the timing for the final payment on your part.

ROD CASES: Each Graphite or Fiberglass rod will be supplied with a heavy denier canvas covered PVC tube with a cloth divider inside for the sections. These are made in the USA by Clear Creek.

PHOTOGRAPHS: For the purpose of record keeping, 

all completed rods are photographed in detail, archived and prints are placed in the customers file before the rod is shipped.

ULTRA-Light Graphite Fly Rods

Heavy Fresh and Saltwater Graphite

 Sweetwater Fly Rods. . . .Sweet !!

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