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EPIC 686-OLIVE--#21516
Charles Armontrout Image

    Hello there, Happy that you took time to stop by. I'm Charlie, here in Virginia and I have been building fly rods in one form or another since the mid 1970's. I hope what you have seen, or will see, in these pages is something you would be proud to own. A one-of-a-kind, personally designed fly rod just for you or someone special. Please feel free to browse through these pages and afterwards, send me a note describing what YOU would like to have built as your next fishing companion - - -  Then we will get started....!!!  Become a part of the "Quiet Sport" called fly fishing.

    Sweetwater Fly Rods is a one person operation and has been since the mid-seventies when I began building fly rods as a serious business venture. 

The "business" has had several different names through the years but one thing has stayed the same - High quality and attention to details!  

                                       They say the "Devil is in the Details" - so I always pay attention!

    Attention to the customer is first and foremost. The design should be as unique as the customer because once completed, it will be personalized for each one - their ideas and personal input, coupled with the builder's talent, should produce the perfect rod for the task at hand.

    Attention to the quality of each component that comprises the final product. Have each one blend into a unique design, fit a common color scheme for each rod so the creation will not only be visually impressive but will also perform as expected or higher when on the water.   - HIGH QUALITY FIRST, not QUANTITY.


The name was one I labored over just a few years ago but at the time it did not fit the scheme of things for a website so I chose a different one. So in 2017, I felt I needed to get "up to date" with the website so I just started over and chose Sweetwater Fly Rods since I have been building a series of Ultra-Light fly rods with that same description for quite some time.. 


     The inspiration for SWEETWATER FLY RODS name was from the areas in which I spent most of my teenage years  -   the communities of Sweet Springs,WV and Sweet Chalybeate, VA. .. . . .just a small piece of God's Heaven on Earth!   



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