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McFarland GTX-21525-Spalted.Alder-10
SC-FUCHSIA 9'5wt-21521-Eucalyptus Burl.
McFarland-GTX 8'6'' 5wt-22505-Fig.Maple
McFarGTX-22510.8'4wt-Spalted Alder.
McFarland GTX-21525-Spalted.Alder
McFar-GTX 8'6-23501-Maple Burl
McFarland GTX-21525-Spalted.Alder.
McFarGTX-22510.8'4wt-Spalted Alder
McFarGTX-22510.8'4wt-Spalted Alder..
McFarClassic-6'6-23507-Figured Maple.
McFar-GTX 8'6-23501-Maple Burl..
McFarClassic-6'6-23507-Figured Maple
McFar-Classic 6'9'' 3wt-23509-Buckeye Burl
McFar.GTX-8'6''-4wt-23510-Blk Cherry Burl
McFar-Classic 6'9'' 3wt--23509-Buckeye Burl
McFar.Classic-22504-8'6.5wt-Oak Burl
McFar.GTX-8'6''-4wt-23510-Blk Cherry Burl.
McFar.GTX-6wt-22507-8½'-Buckeye Burl
McFar.Classic-22504-8'6.5wt-Oak Burl.
McFar.Classic-22504-8'6.5wt-Oak Burl..
McFar Classic-22503-4wt-Maple Burl
McFar GTX-21524-Spalted Maple
McFar ''Tailwind'' 9' 6wt---22506-Fig.Maple
EPIC-476 Amber-22501-SpaltedMaple-Top
McFar GTX-21524-Spalted Maple.
EPIC-AMBER 686-21510-SpaltedBlkAsh
EPIC-590C-21511-Buckeye Burl
EPIC-476 Amber-22501-SpaltedMaple-Bot
EPIC-590C-21511-Buckeye Burl.
EPIC-580 AMBER-#22502-Maple Burl.
EPIC-580 AMBER-#22502-Maple Burl
EPIC-476 Amber-22501-SpaltedMaple-R.Side
EPIC-476 Amber-22501-SpaltedMaple-L.Side
EPIC Amber 580-23508-Spalted Alder.
EPIC 686 Salsa-21520-Cocobolo.
EPIC Amber 580-23508-Spalted Alder
EPIC Amber 580-23508-Spalted Alder..
EPIC 686-OLIVE-21516-Blk Ash Burl
EPIC 686-BLUE-21518-Desert Ironwood
EPIC 686 BLUE-21506-Wht Oak Burl
EPIC 686 Salsa-21520-Cocobolo
EPIC 686 Salsa-#180502-Maple Burl
EPIC 686 Arctic-#22514-Wht Oak Burl
EPIC 686 Arctic-#22514-Wht Oak Burl.
EPIC 686 AMBER-#22512-Cocobolo
EPIC 686 Arctic-#22514-Wht Oak Burl..
EPIC 686 AMBER-#22508-Bocote
EPIC 580-AMBER-21519-Spalted Maple
CTS.7½'-6wt-#20528-Buckeye Burl
EPIC 686 AMBER-#21507-Bocote
EPIC 476 AMBER-#22515-Figured Maple
CTS.7½'-6wt-#20528-Buckeye Burl.
CTS 'Quartz' 865--#22511-Spalted Alder
CTS AffinityX-863.4-21527-Cocobolo
CTS AffinityX-863.4-21527-Cocobolo.
CTS 'Quartz' 865--#22511-Spalted Alder.
Australian Eucalyptus Burl St. Croix 9'5wt-2152
Spalted Maple-Stages to a Reel Seat-1.
Spalted Maple-Stages to a Reel Seat-2.

This gallery shows Lemke & Struble reel seats with various domestic US and other exotic wood inserts. The wood has been dried to approximately 5% moisture or less, then under almost full vacuum for up to 8 hours, remove as much air from the wood as possible. Then, at atmospheric pressure with the vacuum pot open, allow the wood to absorb the resins for at least 36 hours and up to 72 depending on how open-grained or porous the wood is. The inserts are then "baked" to at least 190°F to cure the resins (stabilized) and then cleaned-up and staged for use in making beautiful fly rods as you have seen on this site. The exotic woods that by nature contain natural oils do not get stabilized with this vacuum process. All domestic US woods are stabilized.

NOTE: Select the large images to see the variety of wood for the insert

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