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GIVENS-Honduran Cherry-LC1
JOHNSON-Australian Coolibah-LC1
Zebrawood-#20519-LC1 Bronze
Struble U-20 Nick. Silver-21512-Blk Cherry Burl
Spalted Maple-180501-LC1 seat
SCOTT-African Rosewood-LC1
SAUNDERS-Black Walnut-LC1 Seat
PELTIER-11' 4wt Nymph-Black Cherry
Olive wood-#20521-LC1
Olive wood-#20521-LC1.
Oak Burl-LC1 Seat-Dk Nickel
NASH-Struble U-20 & Maple wood
MHX-7'9'' 4wt-#20504-Hond.Rosewood
MAREK-Indian Sheesham LC25
IndianSheesham-7½' 4wt  #20422
LC1- 7½' 4wt-Oak.Burl
Honduran Cherry-#20530-LC1 seat
Indian Sheesham wood-180506
Honduran Cherry--#20530-LC1 seat
HELF-21503 CTS FX865--21503-Oak Burl
HELF-20528-7½' 4wt-Ind. Sheesham Wd
Figured Maple-#20529-LC1 Bronze
Figured Maple-#20529--LC1 Bronze
CTS-20524-7½-6wt-Buckeye Burl
EPIC-690C-21505-African Rosewood-8
EPIC-#20512-7½' 4wt-CherryBurl
EPIC-#20512-7½' 4wt-CherryBurl.
EPIC Glass 8'0'' 5wt-Spalted.Maple
EPIC Glass 8'0'' 5wt-Spalted.Maple.
EPIC Carbon 690C 9'6wt-Spalted Alder
CTS-Affinity 9' 6wt-Buckeye.Burl
CTS-20524-7½-6wt-Buckeye Burl.jpg.
CTS-20514 7½'-6wt-Buckeye Burl-Blond.JPG.
CTS-20514 7½'-6wt-Buckeye Burl-Blond
CTS-7½' 6wt-#20508-BuckeyeBurl
Cocobolo-LC2 Seat
Cocobolo-#20518-LC25 Saltwater Anod
CATLETT- Indian Sheesham
Cocobolo-#20517-LC25 Saltwater Anod
CALL-LC1 Seat-Zebrawood
CAMPBELL-LC1 Seat-Maple Burl
Black Cherry Burl-Lemke LC1 seat
Black Cherry Burl-#20520-LC1
Black Cherry Burl--#20520-LC1.
Black Ash Burl-LC25 Seat
Spalted Maple-Stages to a Reel Seat-1.
Spalted Maple-Stages to a Reel Seat-2.
Lemke LC1 Seats and Wood
SEATS-Lemke-Spalted Maple-Zebra-Cherry Burl

This gallery shows the Lemke Reel Seats with various domestic US and exotic woods. The wood has been dried to approximately 5% moisture or less, then under almost full vacuum, impregnated with resins (stabilized) and then cleaned-up and staged for use in making beautiful fly rods as you have seen on this site. The exotic woods that by nature contain natural oils do not get stabilized with this vacuum process. All domestic US woods are stabilized.

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