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McFarland "Classic Glass"  7'9" 4wt   -   #24518     "Dark Martini"

This is the same rod blank used for the 7'9" "Dirty Martini" series but doesn't have the green agate stripper or green guide wraps.

Dark or Dirty Martini nickname is because of the Olive Green tint of the fiberglass blank

DARK Martini-794--24518--01
DARK Martini-794--24518--02
DARK Martini-794--24518--04
DARK Martini-794--24518--03
DARK Martini-794--24518--05
DARK Martini-794--24518--09
DARK Martini-794--24518--06
DARK Martini-794--24518--08
DARK Martini-794--24518--07
Bronze Case-7'9
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