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EPIC  476 OLIVE  "Fastglass II"  7'6" 4wt   -   #23524
Sorry, but this rod was sold October 11, '23 - But more can be built - Just call or email

EPIC.476 Olive-23524--1
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--3
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--2
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--7
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--5
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--6
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--8
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--4
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--10
EPIC.476 Olive-23524--9
2'' Clear.Creek.Alum.Rod Case

This fine EPIC rod has a Lemke Down/Locking reel seat in Brt. Nickel w/Dk. Spalted Maple Burl insert

7" FLOR grade cork grip in a modified Half-Wells design - 12mm stripping guide with Brt. Nickel

Snake Brand snake guides and standard tip top - Guide wraps are YLI silk

Epoxy finish protects thread work and decal areas - Each ferrule pair has small

white alignment dots for easier assembly.

Complete with a 2" black Clear Creek aluminum tube and rod bag. 

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