SweetwaterFly Rods - Shipping and Warranty

SHIPPING METHOD: All rod order shipments will be made by USPS, PRIORITY MAIL, Insured w/ tracking along with the requirement of an adult signature at time of delivery. The customer will be given the tracking number with the final receipt and paperwork.


MAILING ADDRESS: Very Important for PayPal orders or any other order too. Please make sure your HOME MAILING ADDRESS, or any other address you want your order sent to that is listed in the PayPal  payment is the CORRECT ONE.


If I am given a wrong address from within PayPal or in an e-mail, and trust me it has happened, and your order has been shipped, there will be another shipping & handling charge for a second shipment to your correct address, and that is contingent upon the Postal Service being able to stop the delivery before it gets to the wrong address or in the case of it becoming undeliverable, decides to return the rod to me.  


I cannot be responsible for the delivery of an order to the wrong address. I will always require an adult signature to be obtained upon delivery but that signature must be the purchaser's or a specific designee. 

At this time, no FOREIGN shipments are being made for custom fly rod orders.

SHIPPING CHARGES:  Unless stated at the rod description in the FLY ROD SHOP STORE, rod listings elsewhere on this site DO NOT INCLUDE shipping, handling or insurance.  Four piece rods will ship out for approx $20.00 and if there are two that can be bundled, it just adds $10.00 more for the weight and additional insurance. 

FLY ROD RETURNS: Please view the Warranty Documents linked to the button below for more details on repairs and what to do when returning a rod to Sweetwater Fly Rods for any reason. 

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ALL FLY RODS, REEL SEATS w/ WOOD INSERTS AND OTHER ITEMS LISTED ON THIS SITE ARE EACH HANDCRAFTED BY ME.   I do not resell any products that I don't create myself to ensure the highest quality control. The reel seat hardware for my fly rods is crafted by Joel Lemke. His "metal artwork" is like jewelry that adorns my fly rod creation.

 E-Mail------SweetwaterFlyRod@aol.com        Covington, VA