Golden Touch Decals - Shipping & Handling

POSTAGE & HANDLING through US Postal Service 

Charges listed below are for the US Only-Insurance, signatures for delivery and any other specialty services will be extra and added

to the cost of the decal order.

INTERNATIONAL rates will be quoted prior to shipment.

POSTAGE & HANDLING:  Any DECAL order that will fit in a standard #10 business envelope - FIRST CLASS-----------------------------------            $1.00

POSTAGE & HANDLING:  A SHEET decal order that has a lot of small images and transfer film will be placed in a large envelope- There are some sheet orders that have larger images that can fit quite nicely in a standard #10 envelope too. This shipping rate can be adjusted based upon the option I choose that is best for the order. - FIRST CLASS------------------             $4.00

POSTAGE & HANDLING:  Any DECAL order requested to be shipped by PRIORITY MAIL - Priced by current USPS rate ------------------              $6.70

POSTAGE & HANDLING:  GUARANTEED SERVICE--NEXT-DAY DELIVERY - PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS - US ONLY--Any DECAL order requested to be shipped NEXT DAY will use this service. I do not use UPS or FedEx next day service.  The USPS requirement for this service is that the package must be presented at the counter by 1:30 pm on the shipping day for the package to be guaranteed Next Day Delivery  ----------------------------------             $25.00

POSTAGE & HANDLING for SHEET DECAL orders consisting of TWO or MORE full sheets in any combination, OR a regular decal order totaling more than $100.00, WILL be shipped by PRIORITY MAIL which will include insurance & tracking------------------------------------         $7.50

RUSH ORDERS - Single Decal/Small orders ONLY - NO SHEET orders

For when you want me to print it "Right Now" --- This FEE is added to the decal order, shipping cost and any other services requested

This works if I am able to be at the shop to create the decal-------   $10.00

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