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McFarland GTX  8'6" Natural glass  - 5wt 4pc   #21525   Previously Sold

SOLD - Sorry, this rod has found a home in Washington state.  It's so nice I had to show it off anyway!!!

McFarland GTX-21525--03
McFarland GTX-21525--05
McFarland GTX-21525--06
McFarland GTX-21525--07
McFarland GTX-21525--02
McFarland GTX-21525--01
McFarland GTX-21525--04
McFarland GTX-21525-Spalted.Alder-10
McFarland GTX-21525-Spalted.Alder-09
McFarland GTX-21525-Spalted.Alder-08

This rod has a Lemke reel seat with a piece of Spalted Alder wood as an insert from the area around Mt. Saint Helens in Washington state, The  7" FLOR grade cork grip in a Modified Half-Wells design. The guides are high quality Snake Brand snake guides with a 12mm ceramic stripper. This rod is wrapped with 100% Japanese Silk and epoxy finish protects all thread work and decal areas.

More McFarland fiberglass blanks of this model are available for a custom build.

Call or e-mail for current price quote

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