As of April 4, 2021, Golden Touch Decals will cease production of rod building decals to allow more time to address the increased demand for the rods styles listed along with other custom rod orders. Customers that have had ORIGINAL artwork created by me can call or e-mail me and I will be happy to send you the digital file for use at another decal vendor.

Welcome to
Golden Touch Decals

The place where you can get the best Peel & Stick decals anywhere. The total thickness of these decals is a thin,  1.7 mils. That's less than .002 thousandths of an inch thick and they are crystal clear and very easy to work with.

There is no set up fee or even a minimum order . . . .

also, there is no price increase for decals or postage in 2020

PLEASE READ the guidelines under Customer Artwork in the Golden Touch DECALS Info tab above. These are helpful for creating a proper decal the first time to ensure the least amount of hassle and ensure the best

final results with your decal application.

These Peel & Stick decals are supplied on a layer of transfer film that is cut larger than the decal on all sides so your fingers won't need to touch the decal as it is being applied to the blank. The transfer film then gets removed and discarded after the decal is applied to the blank.  Using an external heat source is not required or recommended to remove the transfer film from the blank.

Decal Application Instructions can be found in the drop down menu in the GOLDEN TOUCH DECALS INFO tab above.  Select the tab showing the INSTRUCTIONS for your application. 

The decals supplied here are designed to be utilized as fishing rod decals only when multiple layers of protective epoxy will be applied over them for protection. I will still make you what you want but any other use will not be warranted. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for any other use except fishing rod decals.

SORRY, but none of my decals are available as "DIE CUT". That option is part of a very expensive printing machine that I do not have. The technique needed for the application of my decals is just as easy without it and the decals can be much less expensive to purchase and use.

To inquire or place an order through E-mail, go to the CONTACT tab or just send me an e-mail at