GoldenTouch Decals - Fonts & Colors

TYPEFACES - FONTS . . .I have THOUSANDS! Unfortunately not all of them work well on a fishing rod. I have put together four collections of typefaces to show SERIF styles like Times New Roman, block or SANS SERIF such as Arial and a nice collection of SCRIPT faces for the real classy look. In addition to the three styles above, I have included a set of typefaces that I call FUN SCRIPTS . . . you just have to see these to enjoy them.


These collections are only the beginning.  These files need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. If you don’t currently have Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can go to the ADOBE site and download it for free.


If you have found a typeface that you like on the internet, just let me know what it is and where it is and I can go get it and use it in your design. Keep in mind that most SCRIPT FONTS will not work well when used together as all capital letters... but work best when using upper and lowercase letters.

SIZING TYPEFACES:  When it comes to typefaces, not all sizes are created equal EVEN THOUGH THEIR "POINT SIZE" IS THE SAME. Even two typefaces that have the same name may not react the same due to the metrics designed into the typeface. So instead of asking me to print a decal with a typeface at a certain point size, tell me what typeface you want, how many lines of text for the decal and how much room I have to make it fit your layout. Then I will do the layout for you and send a .PDF file for approval.

This same .PDF file will print the decals at true size so you can check the decal fit on the rod or rods being built. 

This is a SERIF font

This is a SAN-SERIF font

This is a Script font - does not do well in all CAPS


The Peel & Stick decals offered on this site can be printed in BLACK, WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD & SILVER. All colors are metallic except the WHITE & BLACK. The WHITE is a flat white and prints very sharp and clear. 


All metallic colors plus white are printed on a high quality 3M brand of decal media. The BLACK however does not do well on the 3M but does excellent on another high quality vinyl made by Oracal. The black prints razor sharp on this media.


The GREEN, BLUE and RED shown below are METALLIC colors too!   The BLACK and WHITE are matte finish - no shine-until you put the finish over the decal!

BLACK     GREEN       BLUE          RED        SILVER       GOLD


                             WHITE . . . .    is also available 

Select the tabs below to download PDF files of the specific fonts. Or you can just view them on screen.