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EPIC 888  Electric Blue  -  8'8"  8wt  "Fastglass II"           No.  #21526
Sorry, but this rod has found a home in Champaign, Illinois

EPIC 888--21526--9
EPIC 888--21526--3
EPIC 888--21526--8
EPIC 888--21526--6
EPIC 888--21526--1
EPIC 888--21526--5
EPIC 888--21526--7
EPIC 888--21526--4
EPIC 888--21526--2

Classic EPIC "FastGlass II"  - 8'8"  8wt  - Beautiful Fiberglass build at only 6.0 ounces.

The reel seat is a triangular ALPS, Gunmetal anodized aluminum, Up-Locking design.

The 7½" FLOR grade cork grip is a Modified RITZ design with a 1¾" fighting butt. 

Stripping guides are 16 & 12 mm ceramic guides that compliment the Snake Brand dark chrome running guides.

The guide wraps are nylon and are coated with multiple layers of epoxy finish for many years of protection.

This rod comes complete with a black Clear Creek aluminum rod tube and EPIC 888 rod bag

One more of these is being built so look back for it in the Sweetwater Fly Rod Shop

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