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EPIC 686 Olive w/ Fighting Butt  -  8'6" 6wt  -  #23506

2'' Clear.Creek.Alum.Rod Case

EPIC 686 OLIVE "FastGlass II" 8'6" 6wt ​​​​​​​ w/ Fighting Butt- Ser #23506

Prev SOLD to a gentleman in Grand Junction, CO - January '23

Note: If you are interested in having one of these built, please do not hesitate to call or send an e-mail

Up-Locking ALPS reel seat in Gunsmoke - 7" RITZ cork grip & 1½" fighting butt - 12mm stripping guide with Snake Brand snake guides and ceramic tip top - Main guide wraps are 100% Japanese silk Multiple coats of epoxy finish protects all thread work and decal areas.  

Each ferrule pair has small white alignment dots for easier assembly

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