Epic 580 "Nude"  8'0" 5wt - Sorry, but this rod has been sold to a gentleman in Texas. . . .

EPIC.Nude 580-22
EPIC.Nude 580-16
EPIC.Nude 580-14
EPIC.Nude 580-04
EPIC.Nude 580-08
EPIC.Nude 580-06
EPIC.Nude 580-11

This rod has a Solid German Silver reel seat with a piece of Spalted Maple wood as an insert, 7" FLOR grade cork grip in a Modified RITZ design. The guides are high quality Snake Brand snake guides with a FUJI 12mm stripper. This rod is wrapped with 100% Japanese Silk.  Epoxy finish protects all thread work and decal areas.

EPIC no longer makes this color of glass rod. However, CTS does make these blanks as shown and 

one of these rods is currently listed in the Sweetwater Fly Shop that has the same

length and line weight specifications.

ALL FLY RODS, REEL SEATS w/ WOOD INSERTS AND OTHER ITEMS LISTED ON THIS SITE ARE EACH HANDCRAFTED BY ME.   I do not resell any products that I don't create myself to ensure the highest quality control. The reel seat hardware for my fly rods is crafted by Joel Lemke. His "metal artwork" is like jewelry that adorns my fly rod creation.

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