Epic 580 AMBER  8'0" 5wt    "Fastglass II"   #22502

EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--08
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--09
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--06
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--05
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--07
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--04
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--03
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--01
EPIC-580 AMBER-22502--02
2'' Clear.Creek.Alum.Rod Case

This creation has a Lemke "Retro" Up-Locking reel seat in Bright Nickel - Seat Insert wood is Figured Maple in a gloss finish - 7" FLOR grade cork grip in a modified Half-Wells design - 12mm stripping guide with Snake Brand snake guides and standard tip top - Guide wraps are 100% Japanese silk with epoxy finish protecting all thread work and decal areas. Total weight: 4.2 oz.  Complete with a black Clear Creek aluminum rod tube and EPIC rod bag.