Epic SALSA 476  7'6" 4wt    "Fastglass II"   #20512

EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--17
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--20
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--23
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--16
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--12
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--08
EPIC Salsa 476.#20512--04
2'' Clear.Creek.Alum.Rod Case

Sorry, but this rod has been sold and found a home in Bismark, N. Dakota.  This blank is readily available and more builds of this similar design are in the works. Call for details.

This EPIC 476 SALSA "FastGlass II" Fiberglass has a Lemke LC-1 reel seat in Brt Nickel with  a piece of  Black Cherry Burl wood in a gloss finish. The grip is a 7" Modifies RITZ style from Flor grade cork. The stripping guide is a  FUJI 12mm with an Alconite ceramic insert.  The Snake Brand snake guides and tip top are wrapped in GOLD color Japanese Silk with black trim bands. At the ferrules, stripping guide, and front of the grip, there is a band of Salmon Red

silk for a nice accent.  Epoxy finish protects all thread work and decal areas.  

Each ferrule pair has small white alignment dots for easier assembly.

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