GoldenTouch Decals - Ordering

E-MAILS: (    BEST WAY..!!

Please describe what you need thoroughly or include the layout as an Adobe PDF file attachment. This method gives me a hard-copy “picture” of the artwork you need.  You can send any other items that would help me understand what you want done.


ATTACH the artwork to the e-mail-  DO NOT INSERT IT INTO THE E-MAIL - as I can't get to it to work with it.


Please include your FIRST and LAST names, plus a phone number for contact purposes.

BE VERY SPECIFIC - DETAILS, DETAILS and more DETAILS....the more I have at the beginning, the less I have to ask for. I will need the SAME information you would need if YOU were making the decal.


What I don't need are instructions such as: "Make these about the same size of the ones that you did for me the last time"....  which last time and which ones...????


Or, "See if you can reduce the size just a little bit"  . . . . this begs to ask...."how much is a little bit?"  We all would have a different dimension....guaranteed!!    So be SPECIFIC at the beginning because you will have to be sooner or later!!

I will take the information you send me LITERALLY - I will not guess or assume....if you don't want "quotes" as part of the text, then it's best not to show them.  I will print what I see and if I need additional information, I will either write or call.

PHONE CALLS: 540.691.6290 (cell) NOT the best way to order decals. However, phone calls may be needed to clarify details and to understand a layout submitted. So, PLEASE submit all necessary contact information for me to promptly and efficiently get in touch with you if clarification is neede d.

You can call anytime during the day, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm EST.  Or you can text me, which is probably better anyway, as I may at work and in a meeting, in the noisy plant, or elsewhere that I can't answer the phone.  On the weekends, well, I am usually available too, so just give it a good 50/50 shot and we will be happy to get you fixed up.


If you call and want to leave a message, please pronounce your name clearly and slow down when leaving your phone number....I will return your call as soon as possible.


Or you can text me at the the cell phone number listed above with the information. Please include your FIRST and LAST name and any other decal related information you wish. 


If I have made decals for you before, and you know what you need, then tell me how many you want of each decal, what color you want them printed, what size you want it printed and don't use point sizes because they all are different-tell me in inches what size you want the printed part of the decal to be. 

Still feel free to call in an order for decals but the order will not be 100% guaranteed. 

--------------------------------- RECAP ------------What is NEEDED for an ORDER ----------------------------

Full NAME and mailing address   --  Full contact information   ---  Are you in a rush for the decals

Is this request for a LOGO design or just a simple text decal/decals

Diameter of the rod where the decal will be placed

How many decals do you think you will need  ---  What color or colors will you need them printed

All of my decals are guaranteed to be what you ordered and in the correct quantity, color, sizing along with all correct spelling - at least based upon what I was given for each of the above items. Phone orders are not guaranteed-so please send orders by e-mail or text. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties, whether oral, written, expressed, implied or statutory and is limited only to the value of the purchase price of the decal or decals.