GoldenTouch Decals - Customer Artwork & Design

FOR THOSE CHOOSING TO DESIGN THEIR OWN ARTWORK. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when designing your decal artwork -- it will save us both time and effort.

FIRST & FOREMOST - DESIGN YOUR DECAL AT THE SIZE IT NEEDS TO BE PRINTED. Translation: I can't put a billboard on a postage stamp!!   When I size my decals, the size is based upon the PRINTED IMAGE and not the size of the vinyl it is printed on. So if you need a 5/8" x 2" decal printed, make sure it is designed at that same size.

DESIGN INSIDE A RECTANGLE - that is about 1/2" to 5/8" high by any length. Because no matter how big the artwork is, it must be reduced to fit in an area about this size anyway depending on the rod design being built. . . . . . . So might as well start there!

KEEP THE DESIGN SIMPLE -  The logos of large US corporations are usually very simple and easy to recognize by color or just shape. No element in the design should have a lot of fine details because it will not be preserved when printed.  



I use Adobe Illustrator as my main design program so the .AI format will work if you just send the file to me.  Do not use borders around the art, use no blends, no drop shadows and no special effects as these will not be printed as created due to the limitations of the printer. Also do not design the image on "art boards" or "flatten" the image because then I cannot access the individual elements to edit them if needed. However, do convert ALL text to "outlines", then create .PDF and send it-see next column>>>

DECAL FIT:  No matter how awesome the decal is, it still has to fit the rod on which it is being placed. . . . . To get the proper decal fit on the blank area, you must first determine the diameter of the rod blank at the specific location for the decal. This dimension will determine the overall height of the decal since you don't want the edges of the decal to overlap during application.



Normally the height of the decal can be printed to approximately the diameter of the blank and make a good presentation. There will be cases where this is modified to fit a certain design. This is just a guide and not a hard & fast rule..

MULTI-COLOR DECALS: Decals can be printed with more than one color in the design. The only issue to keep in mind for this type of decal is the adjacent colors cannot be touching or overlapping.


The reason for this is when the printer sees two colors are joined, it will print the first color as it knows to do. Then on the next pass it will print the second color as it should but where the two colors touch, the printer will print the second color over onto the first color just enough to ensure there will be no white space between the colors. This is fine if we were making a picture for the wall but not for the decals.

Because, the top layer of color does not stick well to the color under it and when the transfer film is removed during application, little pieces of the top color will be removed ruining the decal. If there is a tiny bit of white space between the colors, then both colors will be stuck to the vinyl and work properly.

ANY ART USED IN THE DESIGN MUST BE VECTOR BASED ART Translation: I cannot print any image that is a jpg, png, tif or gif or any raster art in any other format not listed here. My printer only recognizes vector based art, as all pro-grade printers do, and is not designed like the normal household inkjet printer that will print any known format.  I can print multiple colors on a decal but not like an inkjet or laser printer can.  If I have a high quality B&W .jpg with minimal detail, I can usually, but not always, convert it to vector and use it in the design.

ADDITIONAL IMAGES THAT CAN'T BE PRINTED even if they are in the proper vector format:

---Images that are FULL COLOR with a lot of details.

---Images with special effects such as drop shadows, shading

---FULL color clip art also will not convert properly.

---Images extracted from other websites - very low quality

Please do not send pencil sketches of any size that are to be used for the creation of decals as there is no efficient way to work with this type of art to create decals.  Pencil sketches are OK to convey an idea or to show a layout. . . but only high quality digital art will be considered for decals.


When I receive a customer's artwork that is not for a logo, and I find I have to modify, add to or otherwise "work on" your existing artwork, you will be notified about any design time charges prior to starting work on the order.

When sending me the .PDF file of your logo, it has to be generated from the original artwork while it is still in the program it was created in.  Generating a .PDF after is has been saved as a .jpg, .tif, .png  will not work. Generating a .PDF of a combination of vector art and a bitmap image such as a .jpg or .gif, etc. file in the layout will not work for printing either as all elements in the design must be vector based.

When E-Mails are received with artwork that does not meet this criteria, you will be directed to this site to get additional information on how to create and submit your artwork.

All of my decals are guaranteed to be what you ordered and in the correct quantity, color, sizing along with all correct spelling - at least based upon what I was given for each of the above items. Phone orders are not guaranteed-so please send orders by e-mail or text. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties, whether oral, written, expressed, implied or statutory and is limited only to the value of the purchase price of the decal or decals.